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President Thabo Mbeki

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Dear Mr. President Thabo Mbeki,


first of all I would like to express my admiration and support for you and your government because of your efforts to find out the truth about HIV and AIDS.

If you and your government have success the “HIV-makes-AIDS” hypothesis will have to be dropped and all the terror and unnecessary suffering that is caused by this unscientific dogma will finally find an end.


But I have great concerns, dear Mr. President, that you and your government could fail, because according to all I can observe you seem to know of only one certain segment of the AIDS dissident movement or you are advised only by this segment. By this segment I mean the AIDS dissidents around Prof. Peter Duesberg, e.g. David Rasnick and Charles Geshekter.


Prof. Duesberg surely is the most important and also most prominent AIDS dissident world-wide, his immeasurable merits because of his AIDS-critical commitment cannot be doubted, also me, I have learnt the truth about HIV/AIDS from Peter Duesberg at first.


Nevertheless it is Peter Duesberg and his loyal friends and supporters who are responsible that another immeasurably important segment of AIDS criticism is and remains relatively unknown, namely the segment of AIDS dissident scientists who demonstrate scientifically that the virus “HIV” does indeed not exist, or better and more scientific spoken that there is absolutely no scientific reason at all to believe that a virus “HIV” exists. [1]


These scientists found out that no one in the world has ever demonstrated any evidence for the existence of an exogenous retrovirus “HIV”, and that what orthodox scientists call “HIV” is nothing more than a laboratory artefact and the misinterpretation of certain laboratory phenomena and experiments.

Those who first discovered that were the Australian scientist Eleni Papadopulos-Eleopulos and her team. [2] Further prominent proponents of this scientific view are the German virologist Dr. Stefan Lanka [3] and electron microscopist Prof. Etienne deHarven [4]. Only recently another professor for virology, the famous German Prof. Sänger from a Max-Planck-Institut, discoverer of the viroids (naked viruses) [5], reviewed the evidence for the existence of “HIV” and he also could not find any evidence.


Unfortunately Prof. Duesberg denies this scientific knowledge. He still officially claims that there is scientific evidence for the existence of “HIV”, but he is not prepared also to demonstrate this evidence in a public scientific debate. A debate initiated by Peter Duesberg years ago was simply discontinued by him after every single point of his argumentation was refuted by Papadopulos and Lanka. Since then Peter Duesberg does not want to say more about the issue “HIV existence”. [1] Last year I tried to continue the debate by challenging Peter Duesberg in open letters. In my opinion this open letter exchange showed even more clearly that Prof. Duesberg knows that he has no arguments to support his claim that “HIV” exists. [6] Instead we have to observe unfortunately that Peter Duesberg simply defames proponents of the view “HIV does not exist” and that he simply claims that their view is ridiculous and would like to exclude them from dissident discussion instead of scientifically debating why their view is ridiculous. [7][6]


As a reason for Prof. Duesberg’s attitude I can only hint in this letter that a debate about “HIV” would also immediately lead to a debate about other retroviruses. And according to my observations all seems to end in the perception that there are no retroviruses at all but that retroviruses are a scientific misconception which was and still is the very basis why retrovirologists are able to claim the existence of the retrovirus “HIV”. [8][13]

As Prof. Duesberg is himself a retrovirologist you can probably guess his motives why he wants to avoid a debate about the existence of “HIV”.


For these reasons and because of my own experiences with Peter Duesberg [6] and other AIDS dissidents [14] I expect that Prof. Duesberg and his supporters will try to prevent you and your government from also consulting the proponents of the “HIV does not exist” position and/or to invite them to the international expert panel.

But not to consult and invite these proponents could be an enormous and irreversible mistake.


Please imagine, Mr. President, what it means that we have the proofs that “HIV” has not been isolated. Absolutely independent from the phenomenon “AIDS” you can then show that

a)      AZT does never act against a virus but against all cells and their enzymes and their functioning and is therefore highly toxic and deadly in the long run. (It has long been known that AZT especially destroys the energy power plants inside human cells, the so called mitochondria) [15],

b)      “AIDS” is not caused by “HIV”,

c)      all medications against “HIV” are useless,

d)      all so called “HIV tests” are meaningless.

The whole “HIV-makes-AIDS” construct collapses immediately without any need to also look at the phenomenon “AIDS”. What “AIDS” really is can be analysed separately then, after the “HIV-makes-AIDS” hypothesis has been falsified once and for all.


But if you do without clarifying that “HIV” does not exist the international expert panel will still be able to use arguments about “HIV infection”, “HIV transmission”, HIV tests”, “viral loads”, “HIV antibodies”, “Anti-HIV-medication” like AZT etc.

Then the success of your efforts to find out the truth about “HIV” and “AIDS” to be able to do the best for your people is heavily threatened in my opinion without the support of “HIV non-existentialists”. [14]


Therefore I would like to appeal to you, Mr. President:

Please also deal with the question of the “HIV” existence. Please consult the scientific proponents of the view that “HIV” does not exist. Please do invite them to your international expert panel in any case.
The most important proponents are without any doubt at first Eleni Papadopulos-Eleopulos and her team. But also the German virologist Dr. Stefan Lanka is an important proponent because he dares to also call into question the existence of all retroviruses (including “HIV”) and no one has ever proven him wrong.


I am almost sure that your current AIDS dissident advisers like David Rasnick and Charles Geshekter will try to dissuade you from also dealing with “HIV” existence. They are direct fellow combatants and friends of Peter Duesberg and perhaps they don’t know it better.


Therefore all my hope is your own intelligence, independence and openness for all AIDS dissident views. Please listen to what “HIV non-existentialist” scientists have to say, and please give them (and through them the whole truth) a chance at your international expert panel.


Then I am sure that we will bury the “HIV” hypothesis already this year 2000.

But if you do without the “HIV non-existentialists” then I have my serious doubts if we AIDS dissidents can succeed, taking into account the immeasurable, enormous pressure from all those powerful sides who are interested in keeping alive the “HIV-makes-AIDS” hypothesis. [14]


In the hope that you will read this and understand my warning I remain


Respectfully yours,

   Michael Nitsche


PS: If you read my letter you could perhaps get the impression that I do not support Peter Duesberg and his AIDS dissident views. This is not the case. Peter Duesberg has my greatest respect and admiration because of all he did for all of us. We need him urgently, but we also have to see that there is a serious problem with him about which I tried to inform you by this letter.

PPS: It could be very important for you to know that here in Germany more than 60 citizens are legally acting against the German health authorities and the government because the laws to regulate AZT and other “AIDS” drugs are intentionally not applied. They also act legally against the federal health authorities and the government because they continue their “HIV” testing campaign, even though under the pressure of parliamentarian petitions they admitted that the virus “HIV” has never been isolated and the “HIV” test has not been validated. For further information about this you can contact Dr. Stefan Lanka, vice president of “Science, medicine and human rights Germany”, Tel. +49 711 2220601, Fax +49 711 2220600, cellular +49 171 3281070, Email lanka@free.de. [16]



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